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Honour, Respect & Loyalty

The Global Hapkido Association stresses the importance of its core values,
  • respect
  • honour
  • loyalty
through producing technically proficient martial artists who exemplify our core values and demonstrate the highest standards of global citizenship in the art of Hapkido.

Our Association

New Dojangs are welcome to the Global Hapkido Association (Australia) Inc.

Joining Steps:

  1. Complete the GHA International Membership Application Form.
  2. Prepare a Copy of your Dojang Owner/Head Instructor’s latest Dan Certificate.
  3. Complete the GHA Australia Membership Application Form.
  4. Submit Forms via the below Submit Section.
  5. A Paypal request will be forwarded for the Application Fee.
Initial Joining Fee:
  • $600 USD – Includes Membership to GHA International & GHA Australia
Annual Fees:
  • Membership – $10 per Student per Dojang
  • Insurance* – $15 per Student per Dojang
Grading Fees:
  • Black Belt Grading Fee Schedule available after Acceptance to the Association.

*Insurance figures based on average school numbers.

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International Recognition & Accreditation

All Dojangs, Masters & Instructors in the Association are recognised internationally (including the U.S. and South Korea)

Support Community

With Hapkido Dojangs in 4 States & Territories (with more coming) there are plenty of potential opportunities to train and learn from Masters & Instructors

All Hapkido & Martial Arts Styles Welcome

The Association does not have a pre-requisite syllabus, or require Dojangs to change their teaching styles or techniques. Joining Dojangs are instead offered a set of Basic Take-down principles to ensure Seminars & Training has a common Martial Arts Language

Get in Touch With GHA-Australia

Get in touch

If you, or your Dojang, are interested in joining the Global Hapkido Association (Australia) Inc, get in contact today.

The Our Association section on this website has information about how a Dojang can join.

Feel free to get in contact with one of Our Dojangs if you want to speak with an Instructor directly.

Australian Association Head Quarters

Postal Address: PO Box 480, Curtin ACT 2605

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